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Patient Testimonials

Learn about our patients’ success stories

“There is Hope Out There for ED Sufferers”

“Both my wife and I were very skeptical regarding this treatment, but within weeks we became believers that there is hope out there for ED sufferers.  Thanks much!”

-Anthony C.

“Your Encouragement Kept Me Going”

“I was extremely skeptical, to the point where I was about to stop the treatments, but your encouragement kept me going and finally results!”

-Joseph M.

“My Sex Life is Back”

“Thank you for giving me my sex life back!”

-Arthur P.

“Miracle Workers”

“No pill or pump ever worked for me.  Your clinic is full of miracle workers.”

-Bill B.

“I Feel Comfortable”

“I feel comfortable coming and getting the treatments and they work for me.”

-Bob R.

“Shocked at How Great the Treatment Worked”

“I only came here because my wife was pressuring me to do something. She was shocked at how great the treatment worked”


“You’ve Changed My Life”

“I went to other doctors, and none of them could help me.  You’ve changed my life.”

-Devon B.

“APWT Protocol Works!”

“I didn’t think anyone could help me, but the APWT Protocol works!”


“Friendly and Respectful”

“Your staff was friendly and respectful.  They never made me embarrassed or uncomfortable.”


“We Now Have Sex Twice a Week”

“When I came here my wife and I would have sex, maybe once a month, but since coming to Forge Medical Group, we now have sex twice a week and sometimes three times a week.”

– Floyd T

“Best Choice I Ever Made”

“Visiting your clinic was the best choice I’ve ever made! I only wish I had known about it years ago”

– Anthony Z

“Your All Male Staff Made Me Feel Comfortable”

“I was nervous and embarrassed about getting treatment for my ED, but I was also desperate. Your all male staff made me feel comfortable and most importantly the treatment started working after the first few visits”

– P.A.

“My ED Symptoms are Remarkably Improved”

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