Erectile Dysfunction Wave Therapy

Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

What To Expect When Undergoing Wave Therapy for ED

There are a number of prescription medications that are available on the market to treat erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, they come with many side effects, some of which can be life-threatening. They also do not work for everyone. Only half of those that have tried them found success. Fortunately, there is an entirely safe and effective method to treat erectile dysfunction that is known as wave therapy.

Any treatment that addresses the health of the penis can naturally lead to concern, but the reality is that there are no known risks to this procedure. It has been used for decades to treat a variety of other conditions without incident. It is perfectly safe and can significantly improve the blood flow in your penis, which is directly related to improving the strength and longevity of an erection.

It also can be used by those that simply can not use other medications due to health issues. There is no risk at all that the treatment can negatively affect your health. This is true even if you suffer from a heart condition, high blood pressure or diabetes. You can continue on with your daily life as usual without any concern of a drug interaction, unlike the case with prescription and over the counter treatments that are currently available on the market.

If this is something that you would like to consider it can help to know exactly what you can expect during your appointment. It will begin with a short assessment with a doctor. They will go over your health history to better understand what your concerns are regarding your sexual health. During this time you will also learn more about what you can expect during and after the ed treatment. This can vary somewhat depending on how significant your current erectile dysfunction may be. You will also learn about why and how the wave therapy works so you can get a grasp of the science behind it.

Once you have been consulted with by the doctor, you will go into a room that will resemble an exam room. You will be given some more information about the treatment and what you can expect as well as directions to disrobe and apply a numbing cream to your genitals. It is vital that you apply the cream to the entire area so that you do not feel the vibrations too intensely. The numbing agent will not cause any negative sensations; it will just reduce the sensations that you will feel during the treatment.

The person that will perform the wave therapy will then enter the room and advise you of each step that you are taking. Great care is taken to ensure that you are comfortable the entire time. The sound of the machine and its intensity may be concerning, but it is important to know that it is absolutely safe. You will not feel any pain during the therapy nor will you after the fact. It is an entirely painless process. There is nothing that you need to worry about.

Once the wave therapy is finished, you will be advised again on what you can expect in the coming hours. Your genitals will likely remain numb for a couple of hours. However, once it does wear off you probably will notice sensations that you have not felt since your youth. There is a chance that you will experience an erection when the numbing agent wears off. This is perfectly normal. It is due to the fact that the blood flow to the area has increased due to the stimulation from the therapy.

You may also experience erections during times that you have not in many years. This can include not having as much control over them when you see something sexually stimulating. This will likely surprise both you and your partner. This is just your body beginning to regenerate blood vessels in your penis. You will also notice that your erections are stronger than they had been in years. This is because the blood is able to reach places that it hadn’t been. These are all perfectly normal effects of the treatment.

When you seek this type of erectile dysfunction treatment you are likely hoping to have the sexual health that you did when you were younger. You can rest assured that will definitely be the case. It can be somewhat alarming to return to that level of sexual health but that really is the ultimate goal. This is important to keep in mind before you have the treatment done so that you are not surprised with how well the wave therapy will work for you.

In the end your partner will likely be very pleased as well. There is no doubt that they will notice the difference in your level of performance and desire. The extreme results of the treatment will last for a month or longer, but you will see results for many months. If you are looking to gain magnificent long-term results you will want to have the treatment done more than once. By continuing the therapy sessions you will gain the ultimate results.

At each session the doctor will ask you the results that you have seen as well as how they stand at the time that you have the next session. This gives the doctor an understanding of how the process is working for you. The information they obtain will help them to determine how often you should have treatment and for how long before you have gotten your sexual health back completely.

Do not allow your fears of having an ed treatment session get in the way of regaining your optimal sexual health. The process is completely safe and worth giving a try at least once. After you try it, you will find that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. In fact, you will likely be so amazed by the results you will wonder why you hadn’t given it a try sooner.  Contact US to visit our ED Clinic in Wayne, PA today!